The joy of baking homemade bread

6th Nov 2017

The Joy Of Baking Homemade Bread

What’s brilliant about baking your own bread is knowing exactly what ingredients are going into your crusty loaf . A shop-bought loaf of sliced bread can be filled with hidden additives and sugar that you might not be aware that your family are consuming and probably making you all feel very sluggish.

If you’re trying to avoid gluten, for instance, you can make your bread gluten-free by simply changing the type of flour you use. There are plenty of gluten-free bread flours available in shops today that won’t compromise your bake but will leave you without the dreaded wheat bloat.

Spelt flour is another good option as it is richer in many nutrients, such as protein and minerals, compared to your bog-standard white flour. It’s nuttier and sweeter in taste and will make your morning slice of toast even more delicious.  

There aren’t any rules when it comes to whether bread needs to be sweet or savoury either. To be honest, here at Swan we just love bread in any size, shape or flavour! Try Fearne’s Spelt and Seed Loaf that is naturally sweetened with maple syrup and raisins and is packed with healthy seeds.

If you’ve mastered the classic loaf of bread and are feeling adventurous, you could turn your hand at bread loved by our European friends. Perhaps a batch of Italian focaccia, a classic French baguette or a dark rye bread favoured in Scandinavian countries.

Having the right equipment in your kitchen will make your bread baking journey all the more enjoyable and easier. Plus, it’s fun to get the kids involved with the bread making process and they’ll love using the super-stylish Fearne by Swan 6 Litre Die Cast Stand Mixer to create the dough before getting their hands dirty at kneading.

Take a look at our recipes and products for more bread inspiration.

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