Feel good food made from scratch

1st Jun 2017

Foods To Make You Feel Good Fresh From Your Kitchen

Foods to make you feel good, fresh from your kitchen!

If you’ve had a hectic and stressful day, rolling your sleeves up and getting your creative juices flowing in the kitchen could be just what the doctor ordered. Coming home and cooking a meal can feel like the last thing you want to do after a busy day but you’ll soon feel the amazing benefits of a wholesome homemade dinner. What could be better than sitting down together as a family or with friends over good food and chatting about your day?

If you let it, the whole process of cooking can be a lovely cathartic experience that will bring your stress levels right back down. From simply chopping up the ingredients through to the satisfying end result of a freshly cooked dinner being served to your hungry tribe.

It can be far too easy to reach for that unhealthy ready meal but cooking a meal doesn’t need to take up hours of your day or having to find unusual ingredients. By planning ahead, there are plenty of ways to prep your dinners and whip something up in no time that is delicious and full of goodness.

The new Fearne by Swan range will come in plenty of use when it comes to prepping your meal times throughout the week.

Food mixers are so useful when you want to whisk up ingredients and using your kettle to boil water instead of waiting for it to bubble on the hob will help get dinner moving a lot quicker when you need to boil vegetables or pasta. Having your trusty sharp knife on hand will help you chop up ingredients in no time at all.

When it comes to ideas for quick and easy dinners, stir-fries are a speedy way to fill yourself with plenty of goodness. All it takes is a bit of chopping and stirring in the wok and before you know it, you have a healthy, balanced dinner.

Kids will love getting their hands dirty by helping you make homemade burgers, which you can prep ahead of time by simply combining all the ingredients and turning them into burger patties before putting them under the grill. Simply chop up some sweet potatoes and bake in the oven for your very own yummy home made chips.

Of course, the best part of cooking is the eating part. Filling ourselves with healthy, delicious, dreamy food that leaves you feeling energised, nourished, satisfied and ready to conquer the day ahead. What could be better?

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