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16th May 2018

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Afternoon tea has long featured as its centrepiece the traditional three-tiered cake stand. Gracefully presented are a selection of petite cupcakes, pastries and tarts. For such delights we must recommend our tantalizingly tempting Cupcakes and Magic Sprinkles, Fearne’s Almond and Chocolate Squares for a modern twist and, a traditional take for the healthy sweet tooth, Blueberry Scones with an added dollop of strawberry jam and whipped cream.

For help mixing these delicious bakes why not ease your process with the Fearne by Swan 6 Litre Die-Cast Stand Mixer?

To display your stand out bakes and show off your sophisticated style, try our three-tiered cake stand. This elegant display stand has rippled edges and distinct colours for each tier, better to show off your stunning selection of home-baked goods.


Since the 19th-century-afternoon tea has graced the parlours, gardens and dining rooms of the British household. With its delectable cakes, sweet teas and sugared scones came the finger sandwich. Traditionally a crustless square of soft white bread, a selection of fillings were available including cooling cucumber, crab salad and roast beef.

For a twist on tradition why not skip sandwiches and try something different? Corn Fritters with Honey Yoghurt makes a delicious afternoon treat and they’re truly refreshing to nibble in the afternoon sun with friends.

Time for Tea

A cup of tea is the solution to all of life’s problems- at least for the British! Whether you love a builder’s brew or are more inclined to enjoy Earl Grey’s spicy aromas, tea is the essential thirst quencher at the afternoon tea party. Who can forget those wise words spoken by Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter? “Yes, that’s it!” Said the Hatter with a sigh, “it’s always tea time.”

As we continue to roll into the 21st century, tea is again experiencing a boom in popularity. There are thousands of options and always more appearing, so flavour need not be uniform. For a summery offering, there are fruity concoctions to enjoy, such as sweet berries or soothing lemon. For a herbal remedy to any winter blues, peppermint or sage tea will ease your worried mind.

Presentation is essential to maintain the elegance of afternoon tea and so Fearne’s Teapot, Sugar & Creamer will ease your pouring as you chatter in the garden and will aid you in creating a tea party worth praising. A slice of Spelt and Seed Load with a generous coating of butter and jam will add a sense of delight to any sip of tea.

For more Afternoon Tea inspiration take a look at our recipes.

  • Blueberry scones

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